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Explore AM Edit's Debut Issue and Embrace the World of Style and Elegance!


— Unveil Fashion's Grand Tapestry

Immerse Yourself in Fashion!

Step into the enchanting world of fashion within AMedit's debut issue, where every thread weaves a tale of style and artistry. Witness an Urban Oasis come to life through the lens of the African Mosaique Collection, elegantly showcased at Zoma Museum. Traverse the stunning landscapes of Wenchi as we unravel the story of contemporary Ethiopian fashion, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity. Gain an intimate glimpse into the daily rhythms of South African fashion icon, Shaldon Kopman, a narrative that unveils the essence of his remarkable journey. And don't miss the exquisite 'Made in Ethiopia' accessories that adorn our pages, a celebration of local craftsmanship and beauty. Elevate your fashion narrative with an AMedit membership, granting you access to these captivating stories and so much more, igniting your passion for style, innovation, and the allure of the runway.

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