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Embark on Wanderlust: Explore AMedit's Travel Stories and Discover the Beauty of Faraway Lands!

Travel Stories

— Embark on Wanderlust

Explore AM Edit's Travel Stories!

In the inaugural issue of AMedit, embark on captivating journeys through our travel stories that transport you to picturesque destinations. Brace yourself for a rich and colorful train ride to the enchanting landscapes of Dire Dawa and Djibouti, where vibrant cultures merge in a harmonious tapestry. Join us on a day trip to paradise as we unveil the breathtaking beauty of Wenchi, a destination that promises an immersive escape into nature's embrace. Amidst the tranquil sounds of the sea and birds, Yanie's day begins in downtown Djibouti with prayer and purpose. As the founder of "Hido Weelo" studio, she orchestrates her mornings meticulously – breakfast for her child, yoga, and engaging with her Instagram followers. Today, she anticipates a special guest, Anna Getaneh, a fellow designer. Impressed by Yanie's colorful creations, they venture to Villa Camille, a historic tea house adorned with Djiboutian, Ethiopian, and African traditional costumes. Here, amidst shared dreams for Africa's aesthetic heritage, Yanie recounts her journey – from finance to linguistics, from marketing to fashion. Her determination to infuse African culture into her designs culminated in "Hido Weelo," now a renowned name in Djibouti.

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